SKID M LogoMultiphasic Skid for fluide measurement
The only triphasic metering system, wells testing, instantaneous measure of OIL, WATER and GAS flow measurements

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The SKID M developped by METIS Africa, is a multiphasic skid designed for measuring fluids which come out from oil wells. In those drillings, there are water, oil, and gaz. Today, it is difficult to measure those 3 components in the same time without dissociating them. The SKID M is the sole system able to measure and calculate the water, the oil and the gas flows, instantly, without phase separation (method commonly used on platforms where the 3 phases are separated in tank separators in order to count quantity of each phase individually), and without radioactive source (other method much more expensive, binding and which does not work on smallest flows that represent 80% of existing applications).

The SKID M from METIS Africa is available in 1 line configuration or multiline in parallel. It is equipped with the latest mass flowmeter from YOKOGAWA, the Coriolis ROTAMASS TI and with the video recorder YOKOGAWA GX20 including touch screen.

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